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By Samuel Bernard Lackey, Jr DD,

All people have power. Please use your personal power to “Do Something for Peace”. If you see a piece of paper litter on a grassy lawn, please know, you have the personal power to change what you see by simply removing the debris. The above is a simple example of how you can use your personal power. It works. If we combine and multiply personal power as a group focused on a specific mission, we can make tremendous progress in achieving the goal of our mission. Years ago, I wrote the following recently revised and edited article PEACE A RAMA:


The Peace Initiative for Everyone

By Samuel Bernard Lackey, Jr DD

To my fellow man,

I urge you to hear and take advantage of my call to you to, “Do Something for Peace”. All persons, on planet earth I humbly urge you to participate in an effort of great importance to the survival of the human race and the wellness of the Earth. Anyone, whoever wherever, you can participate by simply using your personal power to, “Do Something for Peace”. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you have the opportunity to “Do Something for Peace” now and for the future, by participating in this initiative I call “PEACEARAMA”. “PEACE A RAMA” is intended just as the article implies (THE PEACE INITIATIVE FOR EVERYONE). It represents a grand opportunity to all. You may ask what am I to do? My reply is simply that “Do Something for Peace” and do it often. Perhaps, you can perform loving actions of your own determination that can start from where you are using the resources that you have currently available to you. If you want to promote peace, prosperity, protection, healing and awareness, I suggest that you use your creativity. You can and will determine the magnitude of your action as examples, you might render random acts of kindness daily, write and perform a song or poem about Peace. Produce and host Peace Events. Learn more about Peace. “Do Something for Peace”. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!:

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