4pha.com is Publishing Again
by Samuel Lackey
For several years because of changes in technology and my inabilty to cope with those changes, I had not published anything to the parent domain site 4pha.com or the sub-domain sites listed below my Dr. Sam's Vocal and Keyboard Performance video of Blessed Assurance.. Recently I had found a solution.
My now position is that I can build new websites but I cannot edit, publish to, or greatly modify sites that I have built in the past. In the list near the bottom of this page (The 4pha.com Family OF Websites) is a link to the archived 4pha.com.
The list may contain achived sites that are intended to be updated or updated sub-domains.

"Well Done Denzel Washington
Thank You Very Much"
by Samuel Lackey
updated: January 4, 2018
Circa (meaning around) 1995 I wrote and recorded a musical work called "Thank You for Peace". The video below has a snippet of the song that is actually a Prayer for Peace.I performed this work many places around the United States including the United Nations Building in N.Y.C. before citizens from many countries on our globe and of varying religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. 
 To make a long story short, I have now regained my ability to publish on the web after several years and today I was blessed to discover the video below featuring beloved and acclaimed actor Denzel Washington conveying in his speech the same idea embodied in the song that I was blessed to write. He delivered his speech with eloquence while in-fact speaking some of the words contained in my work verbatim. "Well Done Mr. Washington".
Please Play the video below and be inspired and motivated to "Put God First" and to "Do Something for Peace"
To learn more about "Thank You for Peace" please visit this site from time to time and click over to the old site. There you find a wealth of history. 4pha.com (old Site)

Dr. Sam's Vocal and Keyboard Performance And Arrangement of
Blessed Assurance
Written By
Fanny Crosby 

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