About 4pha.com
Hi, my name is Sam Lackey and it's my pleasure to welcome you to 4pha.com.
4pha.com has existed since maybe 2001. Since then web technology has been ever changing. To make a long story short I will inform that yours truly, 4pha.com creator Sam Lackey a.k.a. Dr. Sam stopped publishing around 2006. My publishing tools became unsupported and I was confounded.
Years have passed and I have found a solution that allows me resume publishing. 
 A little about me
I was born in the city of Philadelphia, PA. at the end of the WW2 era. My mother named me Samuel B. Lackey, Jr. after my father Sam Sr.  Since my birth many years have passed and I have developed many skills. I use my skills mainly as a professional musician. I sing, play the piano (and other instruments), write, arrange and produce music products and events.
The decades have shown me that many of my childhood playmates and schoolmates have passed on. They have passed from many causes accident, disease, victims of street violence, war casualties and some simply because it was their just their time to go.
I understand that some day I am destined to do so also.  
I thank God Almighty for blessing and allowing me to be alive and able today and each day. 
I truly recognize that my continuance, my every breath is only by and through the grace and will of the Almighty God.
I am humbly thankful that I have grown to know and appreciate the value of peace.
It is my fond desire to grow daily and strong as a  psalmist, conductor, and instrumentalist in service to Almighty God engaging members of the human family to thank the Almighty for the peace we have and the peace to come.
I encourage you to partner with this effort for the promotion of peace, prosperity, protection and healing for all starting with yourself and the people in your own surroundings. I have learned that there are many peace loving souls on earth that are actively promoting peace and prosperity on our planet in spite of the tumultuous times that humanity seems to be going through. They come from many varying backgrounds religious, social and ethnic backgrounds.  
I believe the way to peace for mankind is through prayer to God Almighty. 
You may have a different belief or viewpoint. If this is so, please know that I respect you and I encourage you to do what you can your way (causing no harm to life or property) for your personal peace and for world peace in a living, caring and compassionate human family. 
Over the years I have developed my skills and talents and I have applied them in the production of "Thank You for Peace"  I have designed this web site as virtual medium for marketing ideas and concepts for the promulgation of peace on Earth and as a portal to other individuals, organizations and concepts that offer solutions to some of the enigmas that humanity finds itself facing. I have also authored a song  "Thank You for Peace".  Thank You for Peace a tool for peace to teach and inspire peace, prosperity, protection and healing to all. The newest addition to 4pha.com is video. 
4pha.com and it's content is presented with the intent of promoting universal peace, prosperity, protection and healing activity. It is meant to serve as a conduit of artistic and technological expressions put forth by people who value peace, love and happiness personally and for others regardless of nationality, social status, race, religion, or other human societal differentiating separation.
In other words I have dedicated 4pha.com to the promotion of peace in my life affairs and for all whom I share existence with in this time of living. It is my hope that as a musician, songwriter, web developer and whole person that 4pha.com will evolve to be a useful resource to said end. In addition, It is my hope that you the reader will find this site useful and that you may feel compelled to help advance the growth and development of 4pha.com or other paths to peace.
4pha.com will endeavor to plant seeds of peace and prosperity in the garden of humanity as we establish a new medium of marketing. Through our ads and articles we intend to inform people of the existence of products, people and events for peace and prosperity. My song "Thank You for Peace" is a product for peace. If you have any comments, articles or other submissions for review please use the webmaster link below and someone will respond soon. 
 I hope that you find your visit to 4pha.com a pleasant and peaceful experience and I hope that you will and encourage others to value peace.
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